About the House Systems Used in Your Reading

Astrology is a system of symbols, metaphors and interpretation. My readings are based on narrative: I use astrology to tell you a story, which you might relate to. I suggest you read with an open mind, and take away what speaks to you, or what stimulates thought and introspection.

Book of Your Life readings work for all house systems — whether or not you know your birth time or rising sign. For the purposes of this reading, or any of my prepared readings, a house is a whole sign. For a basic description of the houses, please visit this link.

To create these readings, I use the same techniques I use for my weekly and monthly horoscopes, only I have more space to develop my ideas.

If you’re reading for your Sun sign (that is, your birth sign), I sometimes refer to these as “solar houses.” If you’re reading for your rising sign, I sometimes refer to them as “whole-sign houses.” In truth, both systems depend on using the whole sign as a house, or category of life experience.

My readings are designed equally for the rising sign and the Sun sign. Your Sun sign is based on your date of birth. Your rising sign is based on your accurate time and place of birth. You can look up your rising sign at Astro.com, ask an astrologer or ask someone at Planet Waves.

My readers often tell me that my readings are also informative for their Moon sign as well. You can learn your Moon sign at the same time you cast your astrology to find out your rising sign.

Houses are the most philosophical branch of astrological study. If you’re curious about the houses and how they work, I have a nifty, fun class devoted to that, called It’s All in the Houses.

— Eric Francis Coppolino

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