Before and After Chiron

Book of Your Life for Pisces | By Eric Francis Coppolino

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This is certainly a distinct time of your life, unlike any other. That’s illustrated by an alignment of planets in Pisces that includes the modern ruler of your sign, Neptune. You might take that as a message that the only thing you can be is yourself. There’s nothing left. There never really was, though this can take time to figure out.

Sign Art by Lizanne E. Webb.

You’ve also just endured a long series of eclipses in your sign and your opposite sign, which is like an extended period of enforced growth, upheaval and transition. This has felt like shooting the rapids around every bend in the river, though through the process you’ve learned to pay attention and make meaningful decisions efficiently.

Yet the astrology that distinguishes a long era of your life is Chiron in your birth sign. Arriving in 2010, Chiron spends eight years out of every 50 in Pisces, and we’re now nearing the end of that phase. Twenty-seventeen is the last full year of Chiron in Pisces, before a transition year in 2018 when it begins to take up residence in Aries, your 2nd solar house (2nd house by whole signs for Pisces rising).

When you look at these years in retrospect, they will clearly be a ‘before and after’ time. There are likely to be focal points of that transition; you may have experienced many ‘befores’ and ‘afters’, which add up to nothing less than a complete transformation in the form of embodying your own existence. This has taken many shapes, and in truth it’s a process that, once ignited, keeps on going.

There are a number of ways to look at Chiron. It’s granted you permission to break some rules, for example. If Pisces has a way of going along with the flow, Chiron has urged you to stand up and be different, and to love being different. The judgments of others matter much less now. You know that nobody is your judge and jury; you are the final arbiter of your own reality and your own existence.

This has given you an ability to practice what psychologists call unconditional positive regard. In other words, the empathetic qualities of both Chiron and Pisces, and your sensitivity to the suffering of the world, facilitate your taking a loving view of humanity and of the people you know. Chiron represents a real degree of temperance by pain; which, as part of its healing process, grants true empathy.

Energetically, Chiron is to Pisces what a lens is to a movie projector. The film might be there, produced and complete, with fabulous acting and the best set design, but without the lens, it’s impossible to perceive; in a sense, it does not exist.

Crystallizing your ideas, pulling into focus your mind, your imagination and your identity, and making it nearly impossible to conform to anyone’s expectations, Chiron in Pisces has been an adventure in becoming who you already are. Think back to the beginning of its visit into your sign. You might notice that all the elements and ingredients of your current life were there, but they were laid out on the counter, still chilly from the fridge, unmeasured and unblended.

After many adventures, misadventures, developments, challenges and crises, you’ve integrated the many seemingly separate facets of who you were into someone who you now most distinctly are. I suggest you make a study of this gradual transformation that’s taken over your life, and which is nearly complete. Feel the ways in which you’ve worked out problems that seemed to have no solution. Notice how your confidence level has increased. Consider how you’ve stopped denying the obvious and have consciously chosen to make peace with who you are.

It’s much easier to live as a whole and integrated person than it is to be someone whose parts are isolated from one another. It’s easier to live in harmony with yourself than it is to live in conflict, and you have made significant progress toward this goal that you may not have noticed was so vital to your happiness.

To celebrate the beauty of this moment, however, calls for total commitment to yourself and to what you are called to do. We live in a time when many commitments are faltering, when the social contract is unraveling, and when the values of society seem to be crumbling. Yet you are in a position to rise to the occasion of your existence. You can answer your calling to live not just with purpose, but also in full accord with your deepest values. That is what it means to be a solid person. Once you’ve experienced that, there’s no turning back because there’s nowhere else to go.

One discovery you may be making is just how radical you’ve become. By that I mean the astrology of recent years has fitted you with advanced bullshit filters and a commitment to truth. You are less afraid than ever to express what you genuinely believe. In fact, you may be bolder than ever about expressing who you are. Experience has taught you not only that this is safe, but that it’s the only sane way to proceed through life, especially in times of chaos, strife and deception.

Even if you don’t feel like you’ve crossed the whole distance, even if you feel like you have so much more progress to make, if you scan back over the past seven years of your life, you will see the considerable progress that you’ve made, and you’ll get a sense of your trajectory. Some of this progress has been in the outer world, the place where you express your ideas, do your work, and relate to other people.

Yet the most precious gift of Chiron’s presence is self-awareness. That includes self-acceptance, and the deep knowledge that your most important relationship is to yourself. Chiron has something of an exalted position in Pisces; it’s like the missing thing that Chiron needs to rise to the level of its own mastery. The usual issues with Pisces, such as denial, or preferring fantasy to reality, are confronted by Chiron’s hyper-awareness and obsession with genuine understanding.

That said, there is so much planetary activity in your sign that you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about. I tend to aim high in my readings: I presume your awareness, goodwill and sincerity. I bank on your urge to grow as the real fuel behind your astrology. However, the presence of Neptune could feel isolating, overwhelming and confusing. If so, take heart. Your astrology, though complex, is navigable. You are being called to awaken. If you’ve missed the calling of Chiron or have found yourself descending rather than ascending, you can still get hold of this process. With Chiron, the way you do this is with awareness first.

Yes, awareness can and often does point to what you need to work on, resolve or address. That’s why it’s not as popular as it otherwise might be. And if you have the choice between that and retreating into a psychic cave, the retreat might feel like the thing that you need to do. But why exactly? It is, in actual fact, impossible to run from yourself, or to avoid yourself. Like in any relationship, you gain strength and start having fun when you actually show up. If you are legitimately struggling with depression, malaise or some long-term crisis, consider what is missing, because that will tell you what you need.

Here’s a short list of the possibilities.

• The need to take care of yourself. You are a sensitive being and you cannot neglect your health, or your sanity. Chiron will knock on the door gently at first, and then knock more loudly. The hunch that you might need to change something, if ignored, can evolve into a full-scale crisis. The remedies that Chiron proposes are gentle, and in the style of Pisces, they are incremental: a little more every day.

The need to develop your talents. The sign Pisces is the very incarnation of creativity. For many reasons this is easy to leave unexpressed, undeveloped and in a state of potential. It’s difficult for adults to develop new skills and talents, though doing so is training your mind to be young.

• The need to be honest with yourself and with others. It’s true that most of what the world struggles with is how difficult it seems to be for people to be honest, particularly with themselves. This is because integrity requires action. If one’s goal is to do less or be less responsive, the best way to do that is to subvert any information that might provoke that action. Chiron, however, has provided you with documentation of what is true, which is there when you want it.

These three general categories cover most of life’s subject matter. You know the specifics. They are all facets of one overarching subject: your relationship to yourself.

Calling In Projections: Integration of Self and Other

Chiron was a new kind of object when it was discovered in 1977. Part asteroid, part planet and part comet, Chiron confounded astronomers at first. It fit no categories, and was lodged in an unlikely 50-year orbit between Saturn and Neptune. Astrologers responded quickly — faster than they ever had, or have since, in fact — and came up with a body of research on Chiron that transformed astrology behind the scenes. Using Chiron, astrology went beyond fortune telling, the prediction of fate and the analysis of personality, and emerged with the potential to be a bona fide healing art.

Early research documented an association between Chiron and two signs vital to you: Virgo and Sagittarius. Virgo is associated with the healing and service aspects of Chiron, and Sagittarius with the spiritual questing aspect of Chiron. These houses are so crucial to your chart because Virgo is your 7th house, representing your relationships, and Sagittarius is your 10th house, representing your mission, vocation and career. Both have profound implications; let’s take the Virgo/7th themes first, and treat the 10th house in its own section.

You might think of Chiron as a representative of Virgo, and thus your relationships, inhabiting your sign and your consciousness. When a planet associated with your opposite sign is in your sign, that’s a special condition that comments on your relationship to other people. The 7th house is the heart of what’s sometimes called the “zone of projection,” where you relate to others through the filter of yourself.

That leads to a question: when you’re in relationship to someone, how much of that relationship is about you, and how much is about them? It does not take much observation to notice that most of what we think of as relationships to the other are about our own experience. This is why relationships can be such a hall of mirrors. They are mirrors; and the thing we see in them is ourselves, reflected back to us.

Yet often, people project blame, find fault and get disillusioned — without accounting for how much of that experience originates directly within themselves. Chiron in your sign is compelling you to call back those projections. It’s summoning you to take responsibility for your relationship experiences because they so potently originate with you. Most of what you experience is an interpretation, and the message is to get hold of that process.

What this has done is thrust you into a new depth of intimacy with yourself. Experience after experience has taught you that you are the point of origin of all that you experience. The more closely you observe and integrate this physical and metaphysical reality, the easier it will be to relate to others.

This is not to say that others are not acting with intent or their own motives, or that they don’t influence you. What I am saying is that your interpretation counts for more than their influence or actions, because that’s the thing that you’re going to base your choices on. And your relationship to yourself is the foundation, the basis and most of the content of your relationships to others. Every time Chiron throws you back onto yourself, you get to figure that out a little more clearly. And the more you integrate this fact, the easier it will be to stay in balance with others.

To say that your primary relationship to yourself violates a taboo is an understatement. In a society where the ‘special relationship’ is the pearl of great price, and where everything we say, do and buy is supposedly about getting one, it’s controversial to take yourself as your primary relationship. This is for two related reasons, as far as I can see. One is that it exposes and subverts the whole game of the special relationship. Second, in the process of knowing yourself, your blindfold is removed and you start to notice who this other person actually is. This changes everything. Mainly it sets you free to be clear both with yourself and with others.

There’s one other point: with Chiron in your sign, taking back projections means honoring your own healing process before you find fault in others. You still might decide that someone is not for you, though ideally this is in the context of having a true understanding of your own issues and your own material. The alternative — projecting that outward — gets ugly fast, and it serves neither you nor relationship partners.

All this said, there are three notable elements in Virgo that reveal something about whom you might want to relate to, ideally. The first element, called Transpluto, is suggesting that you need to be with specific people, who possess specific traits. You cannot just settle for anyone.

Second, you need passion. If someone has a chilly approach to you, to themselves or to life, they are probably not going to be so fulfilling. Let yourself be attracted to warmth and light.

Third, beware of people who live in a perpetual state of agony or injury. You might feel the impulse to help them, though is that really your role? Can you really convert someone and teach them to be committed to their own process? The best you can do is set an example. Listen carefully for how people evaluate their own problems. Be cautious of the ones who claim to be certain that there’s no solution (and be cautious of this kind of defeatist view within yourself). If you notice a pattern of attracting people who feel like there’s no hope for them, that their pain cannot be resolved, investigate within yourself whether you’re harboring this point of view.

Venus Retrograde: Another Description of Self-Integration

The theme of your most important relationship being with yourself develops into the Venus retrograde of March and April. Remember, the symbol of Pisces is “two fish, joined and swimming in opposite directions.” That seems like a self-referential relationship to me.

Venus will be retrograde in Aries and Pisces. But Venus rules Taurus and Libra, and it’s the Libra connection that’s the most interesting where your relationships are concerned. Libra is your solar 8th house (or 8th by whole signs), an important relationship house because it represents where people merge by means of sex, money or inheritance. That is to say, it’s the sign of the marital contract, which functions as a kind of sex permit.

Having Libra on this house describes the inherently relational nature of Pisces. There is connection from Libra to Pisces: Venus is what’s exalted in Pisces. So the two signs are related and work as one energy system, especially when Venus is in the equation — and she now is.

Venus retrograde in Aries and Pisces means that Venus will be making an extended stay in your 1st and 2nd houses. The 1st addresses your identity, and the 2nd addresses your value and expands on the idea of your relationship with yourself. We could read this a few ways. One is as a comment on your relationship to yourself: as a symbol of self-marriage, if we count Venus as representing you. Another is that you’re taking a step in your relationships, if we count Venus as representing a partner. In either event, we come back to an image either of self-relationship, or of your partnerships being mediated and guided by your self-relationship.

This takes you well past theory and into direct experience. The image is of an enhanced understanding of who you are. There’s something here about focusing your need to be true to your values. Pisces and Aries are a little like oil and water, but both are deeply part of who you are. One role that Venus will play is to help you morph them. This is yet another step you are taking to get closer to your true values, which as it turns out are more radical than you imagined.

We can see this in the world-changing activity now happening in Aries; in particular, the Uranus-Eris conjunction. For every sign, this conjunction turns up in a different house. For you, it’s in your house of values and self-esteem. You’re experiencing a revolution here, and becoming something of a revolutionary. You are finding out how different your values are from many, many people around you. And they are becoming more different by the day. Now imagine that Venus dips into Aries and soaks up some of what’s happening there, and then delivers it back to you, in a form that it’s easier to understand.

Venus is serving as a kind of messenger and translator, helping you integrate your rapidly evolving worldview into your psyche. And in another context, Venus as a representative of your 8th house represents the values and worldview of your intimate partner(s). The retrograde will guide you into understanding, contextualizing and embracing the values of another person, which in turn will provide a mode of deeper intimacy. What’s interesting about the story told by this sequence of events is that at first, what you hear may seem alien or like it does not fit. As you frame it more consciously, and sit with it for a while, you will discover that there are some real similarities.

The basis of all of this is your self-awareness; that’s what is powering all the lights on the Christmas tree, with the brightest one being Chiron in your sign. The sum total of all of the transits I’ve described so far is about you healing a difficult-to-see inner rift, which then helps you relax into who you are and make room for others.

This relationship works both ways — due to the presence of Jupiter, the classical ruling planet of Pisces, located in your 8th house. This describes the size and scale of the positive influence you are having on people close to you. You have no need to doubt or dwell on this; just be aware of it. You mean a great deal to the people close to you, and though they may not say anything about it, they certainly know it.

If it ever seems that people benefit from you more than you benefit from them, rejoice in that fact. You need less than they do; you are more complete in yourself than most people around you; and anyway, that self-completion is the major theme of your astrology.

Saturn in Sagittarius, and Chiron in Pisces

Part of your maturing process involves the work you do, your reputation and your sense of mission. You currently have Saturn, the representative of business and professionalism, in Sagittarius — which is your 10th house, covering these same themes. Saturn returns to any zone of the horoscope only once every 27 years, so this is a rare event and it’s one to make the very most of.

It’s true that Saturn has been working this angle of your chart for a while, though it’s about to make its most spectacular moves in 2017. The first of these involves its long conjunction to the Galactic Core in Sagittarius. This is worth a bit of explanation (and there are additional details about all things Sagittarian in my write-up for that sign). To sum up, Sagittarius, your 10th house of career and reputation, contains two points that are the center of the local universe: the Galactic Core and a point much, much further away, called the Great Attractor.

Having Sagittarius as your 10th house is pretty spectacular as it is: visionary, creative, bold and visible. Though you don’t generally read any description of Pisces that talks about how successful you can be, the presence of Sagittarius here points directly to this fact: especially if you know how to focus a goal, and to persist until you succeed. The formula of success is goal + persistence. You will read many, many stories of things now taken for granted that were rejected by everyone and everything until they suddenly were accepted as the greatest thing ever. Sagittarius has the gift of vision, and grants the ability to focus your goals into a single-pointed arrow of intention.

Yet when we recognize and integrate the presence of these deep-space points, the Core and the Great Attractor, you enter a cosmos of infinite potential. Saturn in a sense is serving to focus, harness and limit that potential, so that you can express it. Saturn is a kind of translator of the cosmic into the mundane, and in Sagittarius it has plenty to work with.

With Saturn in the 10th, you’re being guided to do the work of that house, which is establishing yourself. The message of Sagittarius on the 10th is “you must have a spiritually focused career.” That does not necessarily mean being a priest or guru. Rather, it means that your true work will be a venue for you to express your most deeply held beliefs. Said another way, you work for God and not for yourself, no matter what you do. You will be happiest when there is a seamless interweaving of your professional goals, your spiritual values and your sense of your own identity. Rather than define yourself, however, be yourself — and let others do the describing and defining.

This is, of course, not so easy for most people; it may not be so easy for you, but at least it’s inevitable. And you have the help of Saturn, giving you some extra gravitas and ensuring that you have the patience and the commitment to accomplish what for most people would seem to be impossible. Pretty much anything we value and depend upon was either considered to be impossible, or a stupid idea, before it was accepted. For you, it makes more sense to attempt things that, to you, make sense but to others might seem perfectly outrageous.

In any event, you’re well on your way, as Saturn has been working this territory for the past two years. The connection of Saturn to the Galactic Core is an image of manifesting your vision. There is, however, something else happening, on the level of self-becoming. If we take Chiron in your sign as a delegate of Sagittarius (in the context of the quest), there really is no mission, career or vocation: there is you, becoming who you are. I feel like I keep saying this, though this notion keeps coming up in your astrology. You’re not really changing; rather, your inner essence is emerging in a way that is both unstoppable and undeniable.

And this you can express as mission. Don’t be deterred. If something seems to be difficult, or taking too long, persist. If funding is an issue, look for innovative ways to get the money flowing. Look for and address waste. And be bold about seeking support. You are perceived as someone in leadership, and you have significant respect from people of influence and high ethical standards. If you need something, ask for it, and don’t spend any time justifying your goals — just state what they are.

The relationships between many signs and planets in your chart — including your own sign, plus Libra and Sagittarius, and Venus, Jupiter and Saturn — are the very image of dharma: acting as if to hold the world together.

The Capricorn Factor

Speaking of holding the world together: for the allegedly laid-back, guitar-strumming, wine-sipping, peace-and-love, noncommittal stoner image that many people have of Pisces, you sure do care about this. You take a formal view of people and society; it’s fair to say that you have inherent respect for the world. This is demonstrated by Capricorn on your 11th house. The 11th house is about groups, and it’s also about your highest ideals. It’s about your standing in the community. And it’s about the revenue you receive from answering your professional calling.

For about eight years, Pluto has been working its way across Capricorn. While this is not exactly new news, it’s about to become big news, as Pluto works its way into a square aspect with Eris that lasts until the early 2020s. As this develops, two other things happen. One is that Saturn returns to its home sign in November, exiting Sagittarius and moving into Capricorn. This has the feeling of settling into a role that you’ve taken a long time to cultivate.

Pluto in Capricorn has been doing a number on the traditions of the world. As I write, the United States is reeling from a series of executive memoranda and orders by its newly installed president, the latest of which is about banning Muslim refugees (and Green Card holders) because they allegedly pose a threat to the nation. This is supposedly being done in the name of freedom and respect for religion, one of many ways a hammer has been taken to established traditions in our era.

For you, Pluto in Capricorn works out well: it is carving out a space for you to propagate. It’s altering the landscape of the culture in a way that is making room for you and your ideas. What may have seemed radical five years or even one year ago may now be presented as pragmatic and helpful as it is. When Saturn arrives in Capricorn later in the year, you will have the opportunity to solidify your position. While Saturn is in Sagittarius and you’re on the uphill, windward side of this quest, you may not believe that. But as Saturn moves into one of its most solid placements, you will feel the shift.

This is one reason why it will be helpful if you take the long view. Pace yourself. Plan your work, work your plan, and adjust both as you go. Remember, even if people perceived you as out-there, and even if you know you’re a little out-there, present your ideas with no special embellishment, just an understated explanation. Edit out all the long rationales and rationalizing. Take the tone of, “This is the thing to do.”

Your understated presentation will get you further than all the salesmanship in the world. This is particularly true for your more revolutionary ideas. I’ve noticed that many people who are the most effective revolutionaries have a strong Capricorn signature in their chart. You cannot really change the structure unless you understand it, and are part of it; you understand better than most people that tradition serves a role, and that it must evolve with the times. Capricorn and Pisces work well together. The sea-goat loves the sea, and mountains thrusting up out of the ocean are a sight to rival all others.

Part of what the 11th house describes is groups; several angles of your chart describe your growing, evolving and blossoming relationship to organizations. For now, I suggest that you maintain only informal leadership roles where possible. That is to say, you don’t need to be elected anything such as chairman or executive director. If in any situation you have such a role, make sure you understand that the informal aspect of leadership is more powerful than the formal or structural one. The time for more formal modes of leadership will come; right now, focus on what you’re doing, and remember that the single most important aspect of leadership is the example you set.

This is particularly true now, as society rather desperately needs those who set an example of integrity; who show that it not only works, and is possible amidst such profound moral turpitude, but that it works better than the scamming that seems as if it’s becoming a way of life for our society.

Closing Thoughts on Chiron in Pisces

It’s been a long time since I concluded an annual edition with the last sign, Pisces. For many years I’ve started with Aries and proceeded in reverse, through Pisces to Taurus. For this annual, I worked in an unusual pattern: the cardinal cross in order (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), followed by the fixed cross in reverse order (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus), followed by the mutable cross in forward order (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). Note that the most significant readings are those associated with the cross you identify with.

I have said many times that I would not want to be an astrologer, were I not born under the sign Pisces. Our birth sign, the delta of the zodiac, the ocean that refuses no river, includes and encompasses all the other signs. This is as true as it is that seawater contains traces of almost every element known to science.

It’s therefore possible for Pisces to shape-shift into anything that it needs to be. Remember that you have this skill. For me, the exercise of doing astrology is an experience of inhabiting each of the 12 major psychic archetypes, and speaking from the viewpoints of any planets that I mention (and many others).

Pisces is indeed the truly holographic sign of the zodiac. Chiron in your sign for the past seven years has granted you many gifts. No doubt it’s come with many turning points, crises, lessons and losses. Yet borrowing from something Patric Walker once said about Saturn, Chiron always gives more than it takes away. Most of the time, what was removed needed to be cleared away, to concentrate energy into the healing and growth that had to happen. When embraced, crisis and turning points can, with rare exceptions, be leveraged into growth, and growth into fulfillment.

During the past three years, I’ve experienced my Chiron return. This is true of nearly anyone born in the 1960s. There’s one last wave of Sixties births who have yet to experience their Chiron return — those born in 1967 and 1968. Similarly, those born between March 13 and March 20 have yet to experience Chiron conjunct the Sun; this will happen over the next 18 months or so.

These are similar transits, though the return happens at around age 50 to 51, and Chiron conjunct the Sun can happen to someone at any age; that merely depends upon the date. Chiron conjunct the Sun insists that you find your true mode of self-expression, and that you make peace with your father and with men in general.

If you have an accurate birth time and know your chart, those who have Pisces rising between 22 and 29 degrees will have Chiron crossing their ascendant. This represents a more total breakthrough of your identity and your place in the world. Pisces rising is not an easy placement; Chiron’s role is to help you focus who you are in a tangible way. This will necessitate addressing your doubts, as well as who you are not, and various degrees of denial. Chiron is the perfect compliment to Pisces because it’s so different from Pisces.

If you’re curious or intrigued about Chiron and its working in your life, the best thing to do is to make a list of your previous major Chiron transits, write out what those times in your life were about, and study the pattern. In doing the transits of many, many hundreds of clients, I’ve noticed there are two primary patterns that take shape through the course of one’s life. I call them the spiral-up and spiral-down patterns. Either life gets better with each successive transit, or life gets more difficult. Either you meet new challenges, or you face the same ones repeatedly.

If you fall into this second category, of spiral down and repeating similar lessons, there is a message that you need to get. You won’t have to look far for that information. Most people know exactly what they need to do to make their lives better, or to solve their most vexing problems. The variables are more like motivation, courage and self-worth.

Chiron in Pisces is granting you a profound gift, if you will acknowledge and receive it. If you’ve been struggling under the influence of Chiron, fully embrace your desire and need for healing, and commit to making that real. Both Chiron and Pisces counsel working incrementally, in stages, and gradually gaining momentum. Unlike the prevailing vibe of our era, healing and growth are not all-or-nothing things; they are accomplished gradually and in layers. When you consider cleansing or purification, remember that as the most watery of the water signs you need to flush out any impurities gradually. Stay hydrated, by which I literally mean drink water. Know what is toxic to you, and reduce what you take in. If you discover that something you love hurts you, perhaps contemplate the relationship between love and hurt, and ask yourself if that’s really a valid position.

Chiron demands vigilance. The times we are in demand vigilance. That’s another way of saying we must be awake and alert. You must be vigilant about your growth, and about your role as a healer, as one who is devoted to service, and who recognizes that the conventional means of doing things might not be the ones that work for you. There’s real freedom in that; you have absolutely no need to conform to anyone or anything for its own sake. You do need to take care of yourself, and to live every precious day of your life with purpose and with gratitude.

Chiron will soon depart Pisces; while it’s with you, learn what you can, and do what you can. Once it leaves, Nessus, another centaur, will remain with you for many, many years, even after Neptune has moved on to Aries. Nessus is tuned to a darker frequency than Chiron. Nessus knows all about the dirty deal that is so often the way of the world. It’s essential for your sanity that you not take the easy, toxic path of cynicism. The lesson of Nessus is that your actions and your choices have consequences. The bottom line of Nessus is that you’re responsible for your own life, and nobody else is. This is the most advanced teaching of existence on Earth, particularly in a time when so many seem so intent on giving up their power.

You don’t need to concern yourself with them, only with you. If the time comes and you feel called upon to help, pause and think. I personally choose the teaching of A Course in Miracles, which is that it’s OK to help someone else as long as it harms neither of you. Everything in your chart is alerting you to the need for this kind of discernment. There are no alternative facts. There are just the facts as you admit them or as you deny them.

In the coming year or two, society may really seem to go insane. There will be moments when many people will wonder if we are safe, and what direction this is all headed. You are blessed with intuition, with creativity and with an understanding that your primary directive is to serve, to love and to create.

Resolve to do this joyfully. The universe whispers its wisdom to you, gently and from deep within yourself. Listen…listen.

Signing off, with love, Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017 at 8:29 pm EST, Kingston, NY.


Chart for Pisces.

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